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Pro / Amateur

Studio - Exterior

Imperishable memory

We all dreamed of one day being in the spotlight and playing the stars and this time you have the opportunity!  

Come and taste the experience of being the star of the day, of posing or even of playing a role and then discovering yourself in quality images.  

With more than 10 years of experience, I will be able to guide you, show you how to strike a pose and  showcase like a movie star. 

Amateur model

Pro model

Company portrait

Family photo

First photo shoot or poor experience? no problem, I will take the time to guide you by explaining the poses. No matter your size or your  silhouette you can pose! 

We will take the time to establish together the type of photos desired by you or by the agency. 

You want to highlight your  employees and your company? 

It is possible to take the photos in my studio, outdoors or on your premises. 

It is possible to organize what are called "mini-sessions" the time to immortalize a family photo. Photos can be taken in the studio, outdoors or even at your home. 


Immortalize a beautiful memory of your pet. Whether he is wise or crazy, it will always be possible to take some pictures of your pet. 

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